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About Us

Whenever choosing a HVAC company we know how important it is to find the right one. Here at Extreme Cooling and Heating we make reassure you of that choice by offering honesty, customer satisfaction, instant service and reasonable prices. Our professional technicians have over 15+ years in experience with all the certifications to provide quality service. Give us a call to see how we can help you make your home or business a soothing environment.


Meet The Owner:

Victor Figueroa (Owner) started Extreme Cooling and Heating to do one thing only and that is provide excellent service. He got into the air conditioning and heating industry around 1995 graduating top of his class in HVAC technician. Ever since than he hasn’t looked back. Before Victor started his own business, he worked for 3 huge companies here in Los Angeles so he has seen it all but most importantly he takes passion in what he does and makes sure he educates each client step by step. When Victor launched Extreme Cooling,and Heating his vision was to create a family welcomed business. Meaning treating all our clients like our own family. Extreme Cooling and Heating will continue to provide the best service/prices in all of Los Angeles county.

Why Choose Extreme Cooling and Heating Vs any other competitors?

At Extreme Cooling and Heating we also offer a selection of services from air conditioning, heating, solar panels, and refrigeration. As a family owned business we want to provide a wide variety of services other companies cannot offer at once. Our customers are our #1 priority when it comes to this industry. Whenever you think of HVAC, we want you to think Extreme Cooling and Heating. In addition to standard air conditioning and heating installation services, we also specialize in system design for exceptional efficiency. We take your efficiency levels the extra mile by offering outstanding solar energy services with our partner Elite Group Solar, saving you money and energy. Give us a call to see why choosing us is the right choice.

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